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Something lovely and lively to me

Something so lovely and so wanted. Like dreams. There they'll come true.
Oct 21 '14

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yes! so many! let me just -

  • love me crazy [17k]

    "Maybe you could show me what a real meal looks like.”
    Harry tried to stop himself from smiling, pursing his own lips and nodding slowly. “Could I, now?”
    Niall nodded. “You could consider it repayment for the groceries if your pride demands it. I’ll just call it a free, home-cooked meal. What do you say?” he asked.
    “Alright,” Harry said slowly. “I suppose it would be educational. It would be rude of me to not show you how to properly feed yourself.”
    “Exactly,” Niall agreed.

    (Or: It all starts with Cheetos and Harry forgetting his wallet.)

  • we all have our secrets [4k]

    “But like,” Niall started, running his thumb over his lip as he chose his words carefully. “I’ve never thought about choking a lad while fucking them but, like. I wanna choke that kid while fucking him.”

    (Or: the one where Niall works in a flower shop, Harry’s a tattoo artist, and Niall really wants to choke Harry while fucking him.)

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Oct 21 '14


It’s like a mullet.. Party in the front, business in the back.

#favourite  #look at them smiling sweetly for the cameras while groping each other’s butts  #perfect band

Oct 21 '14

Oct 21 '14


Because what else would Harry bring….



Because what else would Harry bring….

Oct 21 '14
Perfection just in one photo. 
Everyone, go watch new music video by Bring Me The Horizon!

Perfection just in one photo.
Everyone, go watch new music video by Bring Me The Horizon!

Oct 21 '14
Oct 21 '14

It comes in waves, I close my eyes, hold my breath and let it bury me.

Oct 21 '14
Bring Me The Horizon - Drown


If it’s not available in your country, here it is!

Oct 20 '14
Oct 20 '14


AU Meme: Harry is always flirting with Niall, and Niall wants more. (Narry )

Niall knows Harry is like this with everyone. He’s a flirt. It’s in his nature. He does it to be friendly and to show you that he cares about you. He doesn’t do it to make his band members fall in love with him. The fact that Niall did just that was completely unintentional on Harry’s part and Niall knows that. But that doesn’t stop the pain in his chest when Harry pulls away from him or does the same exact thing with the other lads. 

It’s most playful and harmless, Harry’s flirting. But some times it goes too far. Like today when Harry all but groped Niall during tour rehearsals. Niall played it off with a laugh and shove in Harry’s direction but Harry did it again. And again. And then he did it to Zayn and that’s when Niall lost control. He ran out of the studio and into his dressing room without an explanation and began to ball his eyes out. 

Hence why he’s here now, reevaluating his life and his feelings for the curly haired boy who has no idea what he does to him. He doesn’t know when, exactly, he fell for Harry, he just knows that there’s no going back now.

"Fuck!" he mutters to himself and hits the dressing room couch in desperation. Why does this have to happen to him? Or at least why does it have to be Harry? A guy who has no feelings for him whatsoever? 

"Niall?" a deep voice calls him from the other side of his door. His heart rate accelerates as he stares at the door in horror because of course it’s Harry. It’s always Harry that comes to his rescue. It’s always Harry that will make him smile and tickle him until whatever was bothering him is long forgotten but not this time. Harry can’t fix this. He’s the reason for this. No, Harry. Please go away. Please. 

"Um, yeah?" He says instead of the fuck off that is begging to leave his lips.

"You alright, mate?" Harry says and Niall can hear him jiggling the door handle, which is locked. Niall worries his bottom lip between his teeth, debating whether or not to confront Harry about all the flirting and the teasing. He knows that if he tells Harry to stop, their relationship will never be the same and top toeing around each other will hurt Niall worse than being forever friendzoned. 

He sighs and unwillingly opens the door for Harry. He’s pouting at Niall and his green eyes look so innocent and sincere and it makes hating him really fucking hard. “Yeah I’m fine,” he grumbles when Harry has entered the room and settled himself comfortably on the couch.

"I don’t believe you," he says. 

"I’m just tired or whatever."

"Niall, what is it? You know I’m here for you. Tell me! Please!" Harry begs and stands to wrap his arms around Niall but he pushes him away just in time. 

"THIS! This is what’s wrong, Harry!" He yells. "You always do this to me. Always! You’re so perfect and sweet to me but it means nothing to you. It means everything to me, but nothing to you and it fucking hurts. It hurts when you hold me or tell me you love me but not in the way that i love you." He rubs the heels of his hands against his now wet eyes and chokes back a sob. "Harry, I’m tired of playing these games with you. I can’t do this anymore. It hurts too much."

Niall doesn’t know when Harry’s arms ended up around him and his face in his neck but the familiar tickle of his curls feels so comforting.

"I’m so sorry, Nialler. I never meant to hurt you. I care about you so much," He whispers into Niall’s neck softly. 

"I know you do. But not in the way I want you to," He replies.

Harry lifts his head up to stare directly into Niall’s eyes, “Niall, every touch, every hug, every late night talk was because I love you. Always have. Always will. I was apologizing for never telling you how i feel, not because I didn’t return your feelings. Everything between us has always meant more.” Niall gapes at the boy because this can’t be happening. Harry doesn’t feel the same way. It must be a dream. He shakes his head and tries to pull away from Harry’s grasp but he only tightens his grip on Niall’s waist. 

"I just….I just want this to be real. I want us to be real, Haz.” He whimpers out. 

"This is real, babe. It always has been."

(ugh this was too long sorry it’s horrible)

Oct 20 '14


fic: show me your love

pairing: niall horan/harry styles (side pairing: liam payne/louis tomlinson)

rating: mature

word count: 8,008

summary: niall and harry go to vegas as best friends and go home married.

written for: parrotiny :-)

read it here :-)

Oct 20 '14

mime | narry


written for this prompt


“I’m not fucking doing that, Lou,” Niall says, shaking his head fast once he sees the packet his friend is holding in his hands. “No.”

Louis just tosses the bag at him and smirks. “I’ll be your Peter Pan.”

“So old. That joke is literally so old.”

“Yeah, well, I’m not creative,” Louis sighs, “and anyway, you’d make a great Tinker Bell.” He flops down beside Niall on their couch, staring blankly at the television screen like he always does after coming home from bar-tending, and then scrunches up his face. “Or superheroes,” he thinks aloud.

“Whose party is this again, Zach?”

“Zayn. Who works at the bar with me. He said he’d bring some friends along, as well.”

“Friends? What, did you tell him I’m a lonely sod so he’s bringing the calvary?”

“Yes.” Niall knows Louis well enough to know the difference between truth and heavy sarcasm, and unfortunately this is the truth. “There’s a boy he wants you to meet.”

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Oct 20 '14